Anniversary invitation: Make an unforgettable impression with direct mailing

As a company, it is important to regularly reflect on milestones achieved. An anniversary is one such milestone. It is a time to look back on the past years, but also to look forward to the future. An anniversary therefore provides the perfect opportunity to invite employees, customers and other relations to a festive celebration. But how do you make sure your anniversary invitation stands out among all the other mail and e-mails? A direct mailing is an ideal solution for this.

Why use direct mailing for an invitation anniversary?

On an anniversary, you want your invitation not only to stand out, but also to leave a lasting impression. A direct mail offers the perfect solution for this. Indeed, direct mailing allows you to attract attention in a creative way while getting the message across. Moreover, direct mailing has a high attention value. Recipients tend to open a direct mailing and look at its contents. This is in contrast to, say, an e-mail, which is often deleted unread.

In addition, direct mailing also allows you to reach the target group in a very targeted way. For example, you can invite only the company's employees to the anniversary party, or just the customers who have spent a certain amount of money in the past year. This makes it more likely that the invitation will reach the right place and that the recipient will actually be interested in the content.

Confetti card: festive invitation with impact

A confetti card is an invitation with a festive look. The card features coloured confetti, which falls out as soon as the recipient opens the card. This immediately creates a festive atmosphere and will make the recipient feel special. A confetti card is therefore a perfect invitation for an anniversary party. You can have the card printed completely as you wish, with the name of the company and the anniversary date, for example. This way, the recipient immediately knows what the invitation is for and can look forward to the party.

Spring cube: original anniversary invitation that stands out

A pop-up spring cube is an original invitation that is sure to stand out among all other mail. The cube is made of sturdy cardboard and can be printed completely as you wish. As soon as the recipient opens the cube, a card with the anniversary invitation pops out. This immediately gives the recipient a surprise effect and the invitation will definitely stick. Moreover, the cube has a high attention value, as it is not often that you receive mail in the form of a cube. The spring cube is therefore an excellent choice for an original and eye-catching anniversary invitation.

Pop-up slide card: interactive invitation with impact

A pop-up sliding card is an interactive invitation that surprises the recipient. This is because when you open the card, a pop-up figure appears and immediately attracts attention. You can have the sliding card printed with an image appropriate to the anniversary, for example a picture of the company or the logo in combination with the anniversary date. The interactive elements of the card will make the recipient feel special and the invitation will certainly stick.

Make your anniversary party unforgettable with a creative anniversary invitation!

At Locomail there are several creative options to make your invitation anniversary extra special. Whether you choose a confetti card, a jump cube or a pop-up slide card, direct mailing allows you to attract the attention of the recipient in an original way. It is therefore an ideal way to send your anniversary invitation. The personal touch and creative elements of the invitation will make the recipient feel special and will certainly make the anniversary party a success.

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