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ChangeCard Direct Mail 130mmx210mm

The ChangeCard Direct Mail 130×210 as an original product for your business mailing. The unique switching image that characterizes the card can be used by pulling the tab on the side. This high-quality card’s measurements are 130mm by 210mm . You have the option to design the entire ChangeCard as desired. LocoMail is happy to help you develop unique Direct Mail products in the form of a ChangeCard.

Did the eye-cathing ChangeCard Direct Mail 130×210 with change screen also grab your attention? Request a free sample and / or quotation of this unique mailing!

ChangeCard 130x210mm


ChangecARD 130X210MM

A new striking mailing, with a unique surprise effect from LocoMail: the ChangeCard. The size of this unique Direct Mailing is 130x210mm.

How does it work?

ChangeCard 130x210

When you pull the tab on the side, the image is slowly shifted and creates a unique surprise effect. The second image is visible after changing the plane.

Full colour

ChangeCard 130x210

The ChangeCard 130×210 with changeable image. The Direct Mail can be printed in full color with your own design on both the front and the back.


Addressing this direct mail product

Optional we can address your remarkable mailing. Against an additional charge we can print the name and address details on the envelope. You can decide whether you want to send the mailing yourself or if you would like us to send the mailing for you.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs of this direct mail product

If desired, we can send the mailing directly to your clients. Depending on the product, quantity and processing time we will examine which delivery service suits best.

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