Addiction Care Northern Netherlands has chosen the Turning Card 5.5 x 8.5 as an original invitation for their annual division day called 'Beeld in Beweging'. In addition to the function of a business card, this Turning Card format also proves that it is suitable for use as an invitation. The invitation has the size of a business card and is provided with all important information about the division day. The Turning Card is in line with the theme of the division day. This original invitation is always in motion.
Why the Turning Card?

The Turning Card looks like nothing more than an ordinary card from the outside, but is distinguished by its unique folding method. The Turning Card consists of four pages, each fold revealing a new message. That makes reading this original invitation interesting. In addition to this format, the Turning Card is also available in other formats. Whether you have a large or a small message, LocoMail offers different sizes of Turning Cards to suit the size of your message. View all formats here Turning Card.

LocoMail has been providing original direct mailings for 10 years. We have the necessary expertise to get a return from a mailing for you as well. We are happy to think along with you to come up with an original invitation.

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