Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Gemeente Peel en Maas

The municipality of Peel and Maas is a municipality with over 43,000 inhabitants, who are and proud of the region. Now, the municipality has been working hard in recent months on the new House of the Municipality. And if the municipal administration is to be believed, the end result is quite something. "With the House we are taking a new step in our services, our ambition is becoming a reality. A meeting place where residents, entrepreneurs, social partners and municipality jointly shape the development of Peel and Maas." Thus the mayor of the municipality.

Creative direct mail for opening

To invite guests to the grand opening, the Pop up House was used as a creative direct mail. The Cottage as direct mail naturally lends itself perfectly to the opening of a new building, and thus also to the festive opening of the House of the Municipality of Peel and Maas. But this creative direct mail is not only suitable for the opening of a new building. The Pop up House also suits direct marketing when it comes to a move or a message from, for example, a real estate agency or banks with a message about mortgages. This creative direct mail so has more possibilities than you might think.

The Cottage suitable as your direct mail?

Do you have a communication message or a business that fits well with this creative direct mail? For example, do you want to announce the opening of a new branch or a relocation to customers and associates? Then the Pop Up House is for you. The creative shape and the surprise effect when opening the envelope ensure that the recipient's attention value is higher than with a standard direct mail. As a result, your message will linger longer. Convinced about this creative direct mail? Request a no-obligation quote on the product page. Do you have any questions about the possibilities? If so, please contact one of our staff members. They will be happy to think along with you and tell you about the possibilities of our creative direct mail products.