Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Brochure

Gravograph's software contains different levels, work functions and tools. To get through all those levels, they used a Turning Card to provide information about the company. Very appropriate, of course, such a brochure. The different levels of the company can be found in the different levels of the folding card. With every fold a new level of the company is discovered. The folding cards contain information about training courses, the service they provide, the software Gravograph offers, machines, accessories and engraving materials. Gravograph wants everything to come back, and the TurningCard has extra space for that, especially on a card of 15×15 cm.

Turning Card can be used three-dimensionally for Gravograph

The Turning Card, also known as the folding card or called the clap card. The Turning Card is a card that can be used three-dimensionally. There is extra space on the card so that a lot of information can be put on it. That is why it is so ideal for all Gravograph information. The Turning Card can also be used for other purposes. Namely as a business card, invitation, brochure or New Year's card. The folding card is a versatile DM product! Curious about how folding cards have been used by other companies? Then read this case about the folding card, the original Tentscape brochure.

Different formats are available for the various expressions for which these special folding cards are used. When you request a quote, you can specify the format. For more information about the folding cards, please contact one of our employees and they can tell you all about it.

Would you rather send another DM product?

If another direct mail from our business collection suits your message or invitation better, you can always opt for one of the other business invitations, such as a diamond card. Take a look at our range creative and original DM products. If you have ideas about what your perfect DM product looks like, our employees can think along with you and put together a custom-made direct mail with you. You can contact us by telephone or by e-mail.