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LocoMail folding card: original and versatile

The LocoMail folding card is an original direct mailing product that you can use for various purposes. The folding card, which is also known as a flip card or Turning Card, is an original card that reveals its information by means of folding. The revolving card can be used for many different purposes. Think of providing general information, announcing an event or an end-of-year mailing. In addition, this striking DM is also very suitable as an original business card. Because the folding card has a high attention value, it ensures that the message sticks well. As you fold, more and more information emerges. The folding card can be continuously refolded because the folding process is repeatable. This ensures that your target group reads the message several times, your message will get through anyway!

Examples of the folding card

Personalize your folding card

This DM is fully customizable. You can provide your own design to ensure that your mailing is exactly the way you want it. You can also choose to use our team of experienced graphic designers to support you in creating a design. Addressing your mailing is also part of personalization. It is possible to provide an address file so that we can address and send your mailing. Have you become interested in the Turning Card or in one of the other original LocoMail products? Then look further on our website or ask a free demo package On. LocoMail has a wide range of direct mail products. We look forward to receiving your request!

Service Team with a folding card to provide information on it Festo with a full-colour printed envelope and folding card An original business card: folding card business card End-of-year mailing in the form of a folding card
A laminated or matt folding card Folding map with lots of colour from Look at Work TOPdesk with a TOP folding card Hilton hotel opens hotel near Schiphol Airport and announces it with folding card
A Dutch and a French folding map Original business card in the FORM of a folding card Rabobank provides information on folding map A Christmas mailing in the form of a folding card

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