Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Spring Cube Tec GRITT Logi-technic

Our Pop-up jumping cube is perfect for when you want to celebrate something within your company. The jumping confetti gives this direct mail product a festive effect. The three companies Tec, GRITT and Logi-technic chose this product for their festive message. In this blog you can read how we designed the cubes.


The Pop-up jumping cube (also called Out of the Box Card) is one of our most popular direct mail products, and that's not for nothing. The surprise effect ensures that the recipient has the full attention and that the message sticks. This allows you to reach the target group in an original way.

The three companies opted for the Pop-up jumping cube of 90x90x90mm. The cubes contained a number of original texts. For example, the envelope of the cubes read: Let's celebrate with a bang. This is where the fun starts. And at the tear strip: Rip for fun. The cube itself read: BANG. Hip hip hooray. Happy Birthday. Cheers to another year! From your friends at Tec. The cubes were orange, purple and green, according to the corporate identities.


The Pop-up cube is available in all shapes and sizes. From 90x90x90mm to 150x150x150mm. In addition, we also have special shapes such as the Pop-up Diamond card, It Pop-up House and the Pyramid popup. Go to our Out of the Box Card overview page to view all types.

The Pop-up cube comes with an envelope. This is crucial for the special jumping effect. Do you also want to have the envelope printed so that the picture is complete? This can be done at an additional cost. An advantage of this is that you have more space for your message. Optionally, a single or double-sided insert card can also be added.


Do you have an idea for the Pop up cube or some other special direct mail? Take it easy Contact with us! We are happy to think along with you for a unique concept. You can also request one without obligation quotation or sample box to request.