Case Direct Mailing Hexagon Pen Holder Style at Home

Style at Home is an organization that rents out temporary establishments. This concerns temporary establishments that will be rented out or sold and must therefore look attractive and cozy. The empty houses and buildings are styled for brokers and homeowners, which will make it more appealing to viewers. Style at Home has been doing this since 2010 with the motto “We style, you sell”. Style at Home used a Hexagon Pen Tray to thank customers for the creative collaboration.

The promotional pen holder contains a calendar and several mood images. The colors of the calendar are completely in line with the corporate identity of the organization, since the product can be printed in full color on six sides as desired. Other elements on the Hexagon pen tray are the slogan and the logo. In addition, the website is emphasized again, what exactly Style at Home offers and what effects their service has.

Style at home promotional pen holder

Possibilities of the different direct mail products

One of the benefits of this direct mail product is that a lot of information can be placed on it. The message is always on the customer's desk, which makes the pen tray even more attractive. In addition, the DM is also very useful: no more loose pens on the desk. Style at Home has chosen not to use a standard envelope, but a resealable envelope. This gives the customers the opportunity to pack the product folded again. The logo and slogan of the organization are placed on this envelope. Other options are a blank envelope or a window envelope. If you want to share a lot of important information, there is also the option to add a cover letter in the envelope, which can be printed single or double sided.

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