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Promotional Pen Trays and Pen Holders

Sending an original and eye-catching direct mail is not that easy. LocoMail's range of DM products will take you a long way, but do you want to send a functional product in addition to striking and unique? Then his Promotional Pencil Boxes might be exactly what you are looking for.

Adding a pen holder to the direct mail gives your mailing a functional character. After the surprise effect when opening the mailing, your message will also remain visible for longer. Promotional pen trays do not look out of place on the recipient's desk. Send a Promotional Pencil Box to your business relations, customers or employees and they will not lose sight of your company and message. For example, combine the pen holes with an agenda and your end-of-year mailing will remain in view of the recipient throughout the year. A eye-catching mail with a long-lasting effect for your promotional message!

We have various options when it comes to Promotional Pen Trays. First of all, we have two variants of the Pop up Mailings with pin holes. The standard Out of the Box measuring 9 centimeters by 9 centimeters is also available as a pen holder. In addition to the Cube, the Hexagon Pop up Mailing is also available with pin holes. For both products, adding the pin holes is an additional option. This does not detract from the surprise effect of the mailing.

Do you want a product that is completely dedicated to the pen holder? Then the Hexagon Pen Tray is most suitable. This budget mailer is sent flat, and the recipient can slide the promotional pen tray together with a simple movement. The Hexagon Pen Tray offers enough space for your promotional communication. This mailing is also suitable for adding an agenda. Combine your pen tray and mailing and turn your promotional pen tray into a real eye-catcher for any desk.

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