Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Spring Cube Dentsply

Dentsply has a trade fair in Geertruidenberg on January 30 for which they have sent a special direct mail. The direct mail they have chosen is the spring pop-up cube, also known as the Out of the Box card. Especially for Dentsply we have a Pop-up Cube developed with a letterbox window to put notes in as an idea box. The idea is that the recipients of this spring pop-up who are also going to the fair put ideas through the 'mailbox' and hand them in at the fair itself. In this way, Dentsply can use all creative, inspiring and enthusiastic ideas for the future.

A jumping pop-up that is different from our other cubes

The standard Out of the Box Card is a square box with six equal faces. There are also different variants with the same effect: including a House, a Hexagon and a variant with pin holes. Dentsply's spring pop-up was created through direct mail concept development. Dentsply came to us with its idea and the letterbox window was developed and implemented especially for this mailing. Like Dentsply, do you have any suggestions or ideas for the pop-up cube? Let us know. All ideas and concepts are welcome. Together we discuss the possibilities and further develop the idea into a successful direct mailing that fits perfectly with your communication message.

Come up with your own concept and have it made

In addition to modifying an existing direct mail product, it is also possible to come up with your own concept. This generally takes a little more time, but then you have a unique, self-conceived direct mail product so that you not only stand out among other mail items at the recipient, but also ensure that the direct mail product perfectly matches what you want to communicate. If the concepts are already bubbling with you, please contact us and we can work out an idea together with you and draw up the cost picture. Do you have any questions about our products? Then don't hesitate and contact us.