Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Nova Nature

Nova Nature buys its wide range of silk flowers, plants, trees and seasonal items several times a year from the Far East. The company supplies its products exclusively to wholesalers and large-scale consumers. To announce the return of the popular Sally tulip to these parties, Nova Nature sent a colorful spring pop-up mailing to its customers.

A striking spring pop-up house

It pop up house for Nova Nature was sent in a full color envelope printed with tulips. A handy way to ensure that your mail item stands out even before it has been opened. In addition, the special envelope offers plenty of space for an inviting text or marketing communication message. But even before the recipient has time to read the message on the inside of the envelope, Nova Nature's business premises, surrounded by tulips, pop out of the envelope. The message can be clearly read on the roof of the house: 'Sally is back in the house'!

On the inside of the envelope, Nova Nature indeed announces the return of the popular tulip variety Sally, including its counterparts. The recipient is invited to take a closer look at the returned flowers and can even benefit from a nice discount promotion.

Jump pop-up house with envelope

How does a pop-up mailing work?

The pop-up mailings of LocoMail are sent in a special envelope. This is necessary for the pop-up mechanism to function. The envelope is resealable, which means that the recipient can put the mailing back in the envelope and experience the surprise effect again or show it to someone else. Like Nova Nature, if you would like to have the envelope printed on both sides so that your mailing stands out even more, you can easily order a Request quote through our website.

In addition to our full range of mailing products, you will find different variants of the spring pop-up direct mailings at LocoMail. In addition to the spring pop-up house, there are also different sizes of cubes, a diamond-shaped mailing, a rectangular shape and surprising mailings that can be used as a pen tray. Are you curious about what LocoMail can do for your direct mailing? Please feel free to contact one of our employees, they will be happy to provide you with more information or help you think about a suitable concept!