Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Velux

For over 70 years, VELUX has been creating better living environments under the roofs of people around the world, using daylight and fresh air. VELUX Nederland BV has been based in De Meern since 1988 and imports and distributes VELUX skylights, daylight systems, skylights and related items such as window decoration, roller shutters, insect screens and sun protection products. To bring VELUX's new standard to the attention of their suppliers, they sent out this special direct mail. Our Pop-up House naturally fits perfectly with VELUX as a company. But to also incorporate windows, daylight and fresh air into the concept, we have developed a new variant of the House especially for VELUX.

Special direct mail: Cottage with skylight

It Pop-up Cottage designed for VELUX with red and white accents, it fits perfectly with the VELUX house style and the new roof window that VELUX is promoting with the mailing. This direct mail is special and therefore different from the standard Pop-up House. The house, specially developed for VELUX, is slightly larger and longer than the normal version of the Pop up House and has a skylight opening as an extra detail.


The skylight not only ensures that the mailing is entirely in VELUX style, but also makes the mailing functional. The opening in the roof can be used as a pen/pencil holder! To complete the special direct mail, four pencils printed with the VELUX logo have been added to the inside of the envelope. And the envelope for this mailing was also special; an opening has been made in the envelope, so that the recipient can immediately see that there is an extra one in the envelope. The FC printed envelope with the message: “More white, more light, more business” in combination with the opening through which the pencils are visible, triggers the recipient to open the message as quickly as possible.


The Pop up House is a striking and unique direct mail that can be used for countless types of communication. If the Pop-up House is not for you, check out our direct mail overview page for other direct mail ideas. Does a Pop-up Mailing interest you, but does the House not suit your message? Then take a look at the other variants of the Pop-up Mailing.

Curious about the possibilities for your own special direct mail?

Want to send a special direct mail yourself because you want to announce the opening of a new branch? Are you moving or would you like to thank the staff? Then LocoMail is the right place for you! We make sure that your direct mail as special as the VELUX House. Whether you want to send your message on a standard product from our collection, or surprise everyone with a special, tailor-made direct mail!

If you have any questions or would like advice on which direct mailing best suits your company and/or communication message, please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. They are happy to help you with your questions and think along with you to set up a successful and creative mailing