Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Mini

For the announcement of the Efficient Security Organization, SequriX has used the Mini Out of the Box as a direct mail invitation. After sliding out the insert card, no less than three small cubes of 45×45 mm jump out of the invitation. You can use this creative solution as direct mail or use it as a give-away.  

SequriX Mini Out of the Box

The SequriX event

SequriX has used the Mini Out of the Box as a direct mail invitation. Rotterdam is depicted on the outside of the card with the text: “Invitation SeQuriX”. When the insert card is slid out, the three cubes pop out. Each cube has a different text, namely what it is about, when and where it is and what will be discussed. These cubes can be designed entirely according to your own wishes and your message. In addition, they can easily be packed back in the cover.

The insert card of this direct mail invitation provides the opportunity to communicate additional information. This insert card is printed on both sides with information on one side and the same photo of Rotterdam that is also printed on the invitation on the other side.  

SequriX has explained additional information about the event on the insert card. Namely what exactly will happen that day and which speaker will be present. They also announce that they will introduce their new SequriX HUB at the event.

Do you have a lot of information to tell? And are you looking for a creative direct mail with endless possibilities? Then request one for free sample and/or quotation of this unique direct mail invitation.