Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Confetti

Sample invitation with confetti

We would like to give you inspiration for a special direct mail with this example invitation with confetti! A business invitation for a memorable event is not complete without a festive theme. With the addition of a little confetti, your invitation is an extra special card to receive. The example we will cover in this case is the Pop Up Cube invitation with confetti from DB events. To invite everyone to a 90th anniversary, the customer wanted to send a truly unique card. We at LocoMail were happy to contribute to this.

sample pop-up-cube-confetti

Festive invitation with confetti

In addition to the fact that LocoMail's Pop Up cards are a special card type in themselves, it is of course possible to extend this even further. By adding a small amount of confetti you get an extra surprise when opening the envelope: the confetti pops out of the envelope with the cube.

The example of the invitation with confetti has a size of 110x160mm, a rectangular cube. The type of paper the card consists of is 280 grams high-quality finished sulphate cardboard. The luxurious look of the invitation with confetti is appropriate for the special event of a 90th anniversary. The ends of the card contained information about the evening in question. The core values of the company were mapped out on the other sides. Clear, smart and attractive.

Interested in this direct mailing?

If we have aroused your interest in a special direct mailing with confetti, you can contact us via the contact form, by sending an email or by simply giving us a call!
If you first want to look around our site, we would like to refer you to our Pop Up Cube collection page where you find all kinds Direct Mail products which are available with the special addition of colored confetti. You can choose the colors of the confetti yourself, so that the confetti is in line with the layout of the pop-up cube. To ask? Feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal by telephone or by email. Your Direct Mailing product with confetti is in good hands!