Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Quality

A high quality direct mail to promote the services of Gorilla IT. The 20 cm x 20 cm Turning Card has an excellent layout that strongly reflects the corporate identity of the company. The choice of finishing of this mailing raised the level of the card once again, but more about this later. The Turning Card, too Infinity fold card is an interactive mailing with plenty of space for text and images. Gorilla IT has used both for this quality mailing to achieve a beautiful whole. Different communication expressions have been chosen on the different pages of the Turning card; for example, the front is incredibly strong with a flat filling image and on other areas within the card more text and graphic elements have been chosen.

Quality direct mail finish

As mentioned earlier, this mailing has a high-quality finish. An HP Indigo has been chosen for processing the printed matter. With this method of printing, the quality of the printed matter can be compared to offset printing. In addition, processing printed matter on an HP Indigo has the advantage over offset printing that it can also be used for small print runs and print runs that need to be personalized per piece.

The luxurious appearance of this quality DM is due to the combination of the printing and the finish. Gorilla IT has chosen laminate for the finish of this mailing. Laminating the mailing with matte or gloss laminate can give the appearance of the mailing an enormous boost. In addition, this finish makes the printed matter less susceptible to scratches. Definitely recommended if you choose to produce your printed matter on an Indigo machine.Quality direct mail

Sending your own quality DM?

Are you looking for a high-quality mailing product with a sublime finish? Then take a look at our range of direct mailing products. For inspiration and possibilities, we would like to refer you to our dm examples. Here you can see how companies that preceded you set up their mailing and which products they have chosen. Would you like to receive more information about the different printing techniques and finishing options? Then contact us without obligation.