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Infinity fold Card with an infinite spin effect

Infinity fold cards are unique. Because this card can be folded several times, a different part of the message is always visible. The Infinity card is a creative and eye-catching DM that will capture and hold the recipient's attention. After all, the recipient will want to discover how this special mailing works. Once they have the card in their hands, it is difficult to put it away again before the Infinity card has been flipped several times. Because of its mysterious effect, the Infinity fold is also called the Rubik's Cube of the direct mail named. An interactive map that, due to its special working method, is ideal for surprising your target group and captivating you to the end of your message.

This endless revolving card can be ordered in different sizes; from 20 cm x 20 cm to business card format. There is always a size of the Infinity fold that matches your message. All sizes of the Infinity Fold Card can be completely made up in your own design. In addition, there are various options for finishing this direct mail. If you would like to know more about this, please do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. Via the product page of the Turning Card you can fill in a free sample or quote request form and we will send it to you. For inspiration, you can see below several Infinity fold cards from companies that preceded you.


Inspiration Infinity Fold

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