Anyone who the Tour de France has visited knows it: You get free stuff from a lot of companies. Unfortunately, it often concerns flyers, key cords or other items that you are not really waiting for.

How different is that with a printed mini T-shirt. It's the ideal souvenir after the tour, so the recipient will definitely keep this fun product.

T-shirt own design

The T-shirt can be printed with your own design, text and logo. The standard color of the Mini T-shirt is white, but it is also possible to order the T-shirt in the colors yellow, pink and blue.

The yellow jersey is the winner's jersey of the Tour de France, so a printed mini t-shirt in this color fits perfectly with the Tour de France. Pink is also a well-known cycling color, because of the Giro D'Italia. White and Blue t-shirt may suit the colors of your company.

Original direct mail

The mini T-shirt can also be used as original direct mail. For example, as an invitation to a VIP drink, a network meeting or a symposium. The invitation is then printed on the T-shirt, an ideal invitation that cannot be copied and is completely in the atmosphere of the Tour de France!

Additional card

The T-shirt is sent in an envelope, which also serves as an extra card. On this card you can put extra information, which may not fit on the shirt. Because this card also serves as an envelope, there is no need for a parcel service. It can be done in the mailbox.

The T-shirts that are used as give aways get a card on the neck with extra information for the recipient.

The T-shirts are designed and printed in the Netherlands.

Interested in a printed mini T-shirt? Ask the free demo mini t shirt to LocoMail.