Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Ministry of Justice and Security

DCR exists 10 years. The Ministry of Justice & Security celebrates this with the Out of The Box Pop-up Cube. LocoMail's Pop-up Cube is a popular form of direct mail because you can reach your target audience in an original way. In addition, the surprise effect immediately grabs the interest of the recipient.

Direct mail for the Ministry of Justice and Security

On the envelope you will see the logo of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Just like on the box, an image of balloons with confetti is printed on the front of the envelope. The back of the envelope is completely blue. Pulling the tab on the back of the envelope will open it. The Pop-up effect causes the cube to pop out of the envelope. The envelope states that DCR has existed for 10 years and that a magazine about DCR is included. A photo is printed on the top of the direct mail. Both the envelope and the direct mail can be printed in full colour.

The envelope for the Ministry of Justice and Security.

The Pop up cube ensures that you can transfer your information to the recipient in a surprising and unique way. This direct mail has different formats. View our entire range for all sizes of the Out of The Box Jumping Cube. The Ministry has perfectly incorporated their house style into the design. The Ministry mainly uses the colors blue and white. Those colors are also clearly visible in the direct mail. Because the Ministry has reflected their house style in the design, the Out of The Box Spring Cube looks professional. The Ministry is generally known, so because they have implemented their house style well, the recipient immediately knows who sent the direct mail.

You can use direct mail for many different purposes. Businesses typically use direct mail to quickly reach a large group of recipients in person. For example, if you want to promote a product or to announce a partnership.

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