Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Chalet

De Bergjes is the largest provider of chalets and mobile homes in Europe. De Bergjes send these Chalet Pop-up houses to their customers who have made a purchase. The Pop up houses are sent the moment the chalet is delivered as a fun way to keep their customers informed and immediately thank them for their purchase. A perfect form of one business direct mail that exactly matches their services. This makes the mailing stand out and will remain in the memory of the recipient for a long time.

Pop-up Cottage Chalet


The special thing about the example of De Bergjes is that a new format has been developed especially for this direct mail. This means that the Pop-up house now has the format of a Chalet house, making it completely in line with the services and products of De Bergjes. Due to the arrival of the new format, it is now possible to choose from 3 different formats, namely the Pop-up Huisje, the Groot Huisje and now also the Chalet Huisje. The mega Pop-up House in chalet shape is 220mm long and 100mm high. The cottage therefore has enough space to store your message. As the name suggests, the Pop-up house is a direct mail that 'jumps' out of the envelope, surprising the recipient. The Chalet houses can be personalized in your own house style. Also the envelope can be printed in full color in the same design as it Pop up house.

Use direct mail

Do you also want to use a creative direct mail for your customers? Then we, from LocoMail, are happy to help you with that. Would you like to make an adjustment to an existing product, just like the example of the Chalet house? Then you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.