Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card PDZ

PDZ has opted for the small version of the Pop-up Card to address companies on how they can better visualize their vacancies. Companies are invited to supplement the presentation of the vacancies with a video or photo. Because video and photos make the vacancy presentation more powerful. Visuals can showcase the organization, culture and workplace and increase the likelihood of receiving more applications from suitable candidates who are a good fit for the company.

According to PDZ, a picture says more than 1000 words, and they also use this with this direct mail example. In addition to information in text form, the Pop-up Card also contains visual material. What immediately catches the eye with this direct mail case is that optimal use has been made of the two-dimensional pop-up; the pop-up of this direct mailing contains a photo that reinforces the action of the PDZ. Image says more than 1000 words is clearly visible in this direct mail example.

Direct mailing product: the Pop-up Card

The Pop-up Card as  direct mail product is perfect for a message like that of PDZ due to the two-dimensional pop-up. When opening the direct mail, the striking effect is immediately visible, and the pop-up immediately catches the eye. By adapting the pop-up to the message of your direct mailing, you get the most out of this striking direct mail example.

But the Pop-up Card has even more advantages than just the eye-catching pop-up; Due to the small size (15x15cm) this direct mail example is light in weight. This has a favorable effect on the postage costs. So do you want to send an eye-catching direct mail that saves on postage costs? Then the Pop-up Card might be the direct mail for you! Do you want to know if this direct mailing fits within your budget? Then you can request a quote free of charge and without obligation via the product page of the Pop-up Card.

Direct mail cases as examples

Are you inspired by this case of PDZ and the Pop-up Card, but would you also like to see how our other direct mail products can be used? Then take a look at all direct mail examples; the direct mail cases show you how the various direct mailing products have been deployed for numerous companies, numerous purposes and numerous communication messages. Have you taken inspiration from the direct mail cases, but are you unsure which direct mail is a perfect fit for your message and your company? Then please contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to make your direct mailing a success and a direct mail example for others.