Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box La Mome Bijou

A special brand requires a special approach. That is why La Môme Bijou came to LocoMail for a unique gift box for their handmade bracelets. Ultimately, it was produced in the form of an Out of the Box gift box that is fully adapted to the brand's corporate identity.

Out of the Box gift wrap example

Out of the Box gift packaging

To emphasize the uniqueness of the bracelets, the French brand La Môme Bijou was looking for an original, high-quality gift box. In the end, the Out of the Box card was chosen. The format of 90x90x90 mm printed on 280 grams of sulphate board with envelopes of 90x180x5 mm turned out to be perfect for the purpose of the mailing. Various onomatopoeic explosions were printed on the sides of the cube. As a result, the idea of a surprise was further supported by the physical appearance of the packaging. The bottom of the cube contained an extra message. This encouraged the recipient to continue interacting with the product.

Because the customer wants to add a bracelet to the product, he had a special request whether it was possible to pack the cubes themselves in the envelope. As a result, the Pop-up cube is supplied as a semi-finished product. The adhesive strips were already added to the envelopes. This made it easy to assemble and ship the cubes.

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This case shows that the Out of the Box gift packaging can be used well when you have a unique gadget or original product that you would like to package in a special way. The cubes are packed per five and can be easily stored. This prevents the elastics from drying out. This keeps the surprise element of the mailing intact. In addition, it is also possible to have the mailing put together and then add your product later.

At LocoMail we are experts in the field of direct mailings. Do you have a great idea for a mailing, but you don't quite see it yet? Or are you interested in the Out of the Box card? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to think along with you about the perfect mailing. Please also take a look at our others Direct Mail products for further inspiration.