Case Direct Mailing End-of-year mailing Folding card Wilgenrijk

Wilgenrijk had us make an original folding card. The folding card, also known as the Turning Card, is formatted in a different way than it is normally formatted. The normal way is that the first page is folded right and left, but Wilgenrijk has chosen to fold the first page at the top and bottom. By doing this, you actually fold the card the other way around and the message arrives in a different way. Wilgenrijk has used this original folding card as an end-of-year mailing with a wintery look. The text on the mailing focuses on winter and skating along the willows.

Possibilities related to the original folding card

What we have not encountered before at LocoMail is this original folding card that is folded backwards. This unique, original way really makes you stand out among other mailings. Because of the four pages, which can all be printed in full colour, you have a lot of communication space where you can make your message clear to the recipients of your mailing. There's also plenty of space for visuals to visualize what you want to convey. With the Turning Card is your message 100% insured an original way of sending a mailing.

The Turning Card as DM for your message

If you are also looking for an original way of conveying your message, the Turning Card might also be something for you. Many companies preceded you, for example read cases of companies for direct mail examples. If the Turning Card is not the right expression for your mailing, perhaps one of our others is direct mailing products something for you and your message. If you have any questions about one of our direct mailing products, please feel free to contact us, our employees will be happy to help you with your questions.