Case Direct Mailing Twist Pop Up Card Remeha

LocoMail is always developing new direct mail products. Our newest addition is the Twist pop-up card, which we developed for the company Remeha. This card contains a special turning system. Are you curious about this new card? You can read all about it in this case.


The 2D Twist pop-up card is unique because of its twist system. This system is attached to the card at 2 points and consists of six surfaces. When the card is opened, the image turns upwards, as it were. With this system you can create the illusion that the pop-up part is floating above the map.

Remeha opted for a 210x150mm pop-up card. With the card they wanted to inform people about their Sustainable Earnings Tool. For the front they opted for an image and text: “Discover how you can easily earn sustainably”. The inside showed an image of a laptop with the pop-up coming up from the screen when opening the card. The pop-up consisted of four folded parts. Information was given on each part.


Pop-up card variants

In addition to this new pop-up card, we have a number of other special variants. The pop up card A5 contains several layers and is therefore unique in its kind. The different layers give extra depth to the map. Go big? Then go for our mega pop up card. This is no less than 210 by 300 millimeters and this gives you a lot of extra space for your message. The pop-up sliding card looks normal from the outside, but has a special sliding system. You can slide the pop-up part up yourself. look at all the pop up cards on the overview page.

Are you enthusiastic about our Twist pop-up card? Then ask for one without obligation quotation on. In addition, you can always Contact contact us to discuss the possibilities of our direct mail products. If you need some examples of direct mail products, you can freely contact our sample box to request.