Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Kubus FleuraMetz

Pop-up Cube used to support marketing and communication plan

As an employee of a marketing and communication department, you are responsible, among other things, for the activities related to a certain brand. The balance is drawn up at the end of the year; which activities work? What has been invested in marketing and communication activities? And what have they actually achieved? However, it all starts with the development of a marketing and communication plan.

FleuraMetz, a supplier of flowers, plants and accessories have the Mega Popup mailing used as an expression to support their marketing and communication plan: together we build a success story is the title of the plan. They have made a good start to the success story by opting for a large box on which many texts and images can be processed. The surrounding areas are used to tell more about the different seasons, associated themes, key words and a bit of storytelling. The Mega Out of the Box has been produced in various languages in order to include employees in other countries in their story.

Pop-up cube available in mega version

The Mega Out of the Box consists of six large surfaces of 150x150mm. These surfaces can be arranged entirely according to your own wishes. The Out of the Box comes in different shapes and sizes; from square to rectangular, from diamond shape to a house shape. All our Pop-up mailings have one thing in common; this mailing is banging. The direct mail is delivered with an unprinted envelope as standard, because without an envelope we cannot approach the desired effect. It is also possible to personalize the products piece by piece. Think of a name that can be processed on the product, and must be synchronized with an accompanying envelope on which the name and address has been processed.

The Mega Pop-up to support your campaign

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