Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Spring Cube Jobmatch

Last month, temporary employment and secondment organization Jobmatch used our bestseller, the pop-up jumping cube, to inform their customers. In this blog you can read how we designed the pop-up jumping cube for them.


Jobmatch is a specialized temporary employment and secondment organization that supplies temporary workers to companies. The company is based in Belgium. They were looking for a way to inform companies from their customer base and chose one of our bestsellers: the 90×90 Out of the Box card with pen holes. The card is constructed in such a way that a cube pops up when the envelope is opened. There are a number of pen holes in the top of the cube, so that it can also be used as a pen tray on the desk in addition to a map.

For the envelope you can choose from a resealable and non-resealable variant. The organization opted for the resealable variant, which has the advantage that you can pass it on and show it to others. You can put the cube back in the envelope and open it again. With the envelope with adhesive strip, the cube jumps up once when you remove the adhesive strip, but not again. All six sides of the cube can be printed.

Finally, Jobmatch chose to put a personalized insert card in every envelope. Some cards had French text, others Dutch text. So if you have customers who do not all speak the same language, we can easily adjust the direct mail products for you by language. This direct mail went to Belgium. We have competitive rates for shipping to Belgium.


Are you interested in our pop-up jumping cube? Then request one for free quotation On. In addition to the variant with pin holes, we also have a number of other types. View all here Out of the Box cards. Are you curious about which other types of direct mail we provide? View it here entire range of direct mail products.