Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Spring Cube Heineken

S&OP NeXt has implemented data for Heineken and they present it on our direct mail, the Out of the Box Card. Various data visualizations can be seen on the Springdoos and a QR code has also been used through which even more information can be obtained. For Heineken, S&OP NeXt has set up a step-by-step plan, because they believe that Heineken will receive a boost as soon as a change is initiated. Because the direct mail for Heineken contains a lot of information, they have therefore opted to use the Out of the Box direct mail. The Springdoos, also called Pop-up Cube, has a lot of space for text and images and that is ideal for this original business direct mail brochure.

Spring box direct mail brochure

The original direct mail stands out, triggering the recipient to read the information on the Springdoos. In addition, the information is linked to the eye-catching mailing and the message will therefore stick around longer. The Out-of-the-box direct mail  is a suitable mailing if you are looking for a fun and striking mailing product that has enough space for your communication message. Due to the different surfaces, there is enough space for text and visual additions. The Springdoos can not only be used as informational direct mail in the form of a business direct mail brochure. The Out of the Box directmail can also be used as a business invitation, newsletter, calendar or if you have other ideas, they are always welcome with us. The shape of the 9 cm by 9 cm Springbox is so versatile that this variant of the Pop-up mailing is actually suitable for any message.

Our direct mailing products: striking and effective

Check out our website at the other direct mail cases about how companies have used our business direct mail brochures and business invitations. Because our direct mail products stand out, they are also effective and some products also have a function in that pin holes have been added to the top of the spring box. Does the Out of the Box direct mail not suit your message? Maybe another one Pop-up mail more something for your customers or does it suit your company better. If you would like to request a quote, please feel free to contact one of our employees. We also like to think along with solutions and we do our best to answer all your questions.