Case Direct Mailing Hexagon Pen Tray Adfiz

Adfiz is a trade association of independent financial advisors and focuses on providing insight to clients when making financial decisions. They wanted to reach and inform their customers through a striking direct mail. To achieve this, we have made a Hexagon Pen Tray for Adfiz. This promotional material has six sides so that the customer can be informed about all the points that Adfiz wanted to include in the message: new services in 2017, discount schemes, events in 2017, compliance first aid, the 5 most important lobby files and the SWOs, the community and the contact point for complaints. In addition, the promotional pen tray about striking colors that match the house style. Desktop promotional materials turned out to be ideal and functional for Adfiz as the pen holder can be placed on the customer's desk, constantly reminding the customer of the message.

Desktop promotional material-Adfiz

Desktop promotional material with an eye-catching message

For Adfiz a promotional pen tray in the form of a Hexagon Pen Tray. This form of promotion is very suitable for business relations, customers or employees where it is important that the message stands out. In addition, the pen tray can be used by the customer, so that there is a constant reminder of the message on the desk.

LocoMail offers different variants of promotional pen trays. When choosing the Hexagon Pen Tray, the product is completely dominated by the pen holder. In addition, it can easily fit through the letterbox, because this promotional material is sent flat. The customer can then simply slide the pen tray together. There is a lot of space for text on the different sides, so you can use this desktop promotional material for different purposes and types of information. Naturally, the pen tray can be printed in full color in your company's house style. The Hexagon Pen Tray comes standard with a blank envelope. Additional options for the envelope include processing your address details, placing a window and having it printed in full colour. This way you can match the envelope with the pen tray and make the direct mail stand out even more.

Request a quote to have your own Hexagon Pen Tray produced if you are convinced. If you are still in doubt, you can choose to request a free sample package. In addition, our employees are ready to provide you with information about the possibilities for this product.