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Haringparty Send event invitation to business relations

Every year in June it's that time again: the start of the herring season! During a Herring Party Event, the fresh herring of the season is presented and 'tasted' together. Traditionally, the herring season is officially opened by auctioning the first barrel of Hollandse Nieuwe, with the proceeds going to a good cause. Every year a different charity will be supported with this. While the herring and drinks are brought by the waitresses in traditional costume, there is often networking with business relations during a Herring Party Event.

Are you also organizing a Herring Party Event this year? Then it is best to let your business relations know with a striking and exclusive direct mailing invitation. By announcing the Haring Party Event in a spectacular way, the direct mailing stands out among the regular mail items. As a result, the invitation will come to the attention of your target group, and the exclusivity of the Haringparty Event will be emphasized.

Herring party invitation options

All our striking and original direct mailings have a unique surprise effect, so that all DMs can be used as an effective Herring Party invitation. The BliQje is perhaps the most suitable direct mailing to use as a Haring party invitation. After all, a lot of fish comes from a can. Are you organizing a Herring Party Event at the sea? Then take a look at our Bottle Mail direct mailing. Other fun ideas are the Out of the Box and the Extend Card. The Out of the Box is a pop up cube that will pop out of the envelope when the target audience opens it, and is also our bestseller. With the Slide-out card mailing you can place information on both slide-out sides about, for example, the location and the dress code. You can also choose to completely customize a direct mailing, for example by adding a pop-up of a herring to the Pop-up card A6. View our full range of to get inspiration for the Herring Party invitation direct mail products. We look forward to receiving your request!

Herring party Event inspiration

Herring party Invitation BliQje DM

Rabobank Vallei en Rijn and Het Oude Politiebureau have used the BliQje as an invitation to their Haring Party. With the motto “There are those outings… you shouldn't miss them” this is an example of an effective direct mailing. In this blog you can read about the possibilities with the BliQje al Haringparty invitation.

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Herring party event direct mail Van Drunen

The Haringparty Event is also a suitable time to draw attention to your company. Installation group van Drunen did this with original business cards. Various business relations have acquired the unique Turning Card Businesscards while networking.

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Herring party event BliQje direct mailing

Would you like more inspiration about organizing and sending out original Haring Party invitations for your Haring Party Event? This blog explains everything about the Haring Party Event, the networking part, associated traditions and gives you tips for sending exclusive invitations.

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