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The herring season will start next month. And in the right circumstances, the Hollandse Nieuwe has grown into a tasty oily fish. It is important for this that there is enough nutrition in the water. The specialists of the Visgilde keep a close eye on the nutrition in the water, so that they can guarantee the highest quality herring when it matters most. And that is during the auction of the first keg at the Haring parties.

June 10, 2015 is the official start of the herring season, and traditionally we see herring parties in various places. Businesses in the Netherlands meet in Goes, Zeewolde, Nijmegen and Utrecht, among others, to taste the herring, have a drink and network. Some call this event the network event of the year! But herring parties are more than just tasting and networking. The first barrel of Hollandse Nieuwe is auctioned, and this is of course what it's all about. Proceeds traditionally go to charity. A different charity is chosen each year. So let the business people outbid each other while eating herring! Who will go home this year with the first kegs of Hollandse Nieuwe?

Herring party-bliqje

It is striking that more than half of the herring eaters are older than 50 years. And less than 10 percent of young people up to the age of 30 eat a herring. According to the Fish Guild, this is because young people no longer get it from home to eat a herring. Yet young people are familiar with the tradition of eating herring; herring bites is in place 10 of the most famous Dutch traditions.

Back to the Haring parties, you must be invited to visit this networking event. It is an exclusive event and so only invitees are generally admitted. The whole business community of the Netherlands wants to be represented at a Haring party, but this is only possible for a lucky few. It is special to receive an invitation, but it can be even more special! Consider, for example, a striking direct mail in the form of an BliQje. The BliQje with Pull Open closure naturally fits perfectly with the opening of the herring season. The message, or in this case, the invitation, is literally canned. The recipient of the mailing has to pull the tab to reveal the message. Both the message
inside the BliQje and the label on the front of the BliQje can be completely adapted to your event. The same goes for your herring party! Invite your guests in a special way and go for this striking one direct mail. And the invitation to the Herring Party will certainly stand out; the BliQje is a self-mailer and therefore does not have to be sent in an envelope.