Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Infinity Card My Switzerland is a website that provides information about Switzerland as a holiday destination. For example, the website provides information about what is possible in Switzerland, transport in Switzerland and accommodation in Switzerland. People interested in returning to nature can also book a holiday on this website. Soon MySwitzerland will organize an event in Amsterdam to inform people about the possibilities. The Turning Card. In this folding special, the event and the program are announced and readers are asked to sign up for it.

Folding Specials-TC-My-Switzerland

A folding special that can be used for all purposes

In addition to the event being announced in the folding special, the message is also very clear. 'Nature wants you back' is used as a slogan to convince readers of a trip to Switzerland. Away from the office, hectic and wifi and instead enjoy nature and tranquility in Switzerland. The message can also be seen on the image on the front of the TC. The image shows a man in a suit and barefoot enjoying the nature of Switzerland.

This folding card can be used for many purposes. MySwitzerland uses the Turning Card to announce the event, but the card can also be used for, for example, a grand opening, announcing a staff day or as an end-of-year mailing. The great thing about the folding card is that it can be folded endlessly and therefore has enough areas for all the information you want to share. MySwitzerland, for example, has chosen to use an extra large amount of nature images to convey the atmosphere of the country to the reader. This way the reader can immediately dream away and the message will stick well. The message of this one also comes from the high attention value direct mailer good on. The nature images come out well on the card due to the techniques used in printing the card. For example, digital printing with an indigo printer was used, where the ink has a different substance than toner. This makes the result even more beautiful, because it is less grainy. An indigo printer is ideal for printing short runs because it has the quality of an offset printer, the turnaround time is shorter and the address can be personalized directly on the card. The latter is not possible with a printing press, which makes the printing of the address appear much more luxurious when using an indigo printer. Printing on the indigo printer is therefore recommended if you want to have small print runs printed with extra quality.

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