Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube Children's Book Ball

The CPNB Foundation (Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book) has sent an original mailing to invite children to the annual children's book ball. The Pop-up cube mailing, was packed in a separate envelope so as not to immediately reveal the appearance of this cheerful mailing.

The envelope contained a reply card in the same style as the invitation. The box itself is cheerful, due to the many colors and the fun textual expressions used in the design. It was decided to include a checklist from the Children's Book Ball on the box: eat sweets, drink lemonade, dance, meet writers, sing, eat cake and score autographs. It's all allowed at this annual event.

Use pop up cube mailing

This eye-catching direct mailing can be used for many purposes. For example, as an invitation to an annual event, a giveaway during a trade fair or, for example, as a calendar to put on your customer's desk. The Out of the Box advantage direct mail is the area you have to share your information: six large 90×90 squares. If the square version does not fit your thinking, you can always opt for the rectangular version (80×110).

In addition to the standard shapes, LocoMail also offers different shapes: the Hexagon and the House. The latter direct mailing product is interesting for companies in the financial services sector (banks, brokers) but also, for example, for companies that want to announce a move in a fun way. The Hexagon, on the other hand, is ideal for processing a beautiful and sleek company presentation.

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