Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Huisje Vink + Veenman

Vink + Veenman bv is a specialist in the field of construction and development. A House has been chosen as the original invitation for a Symposium. The Symposium is dedicated to ''Senior housing''. Het Huisje is a perfect direct mailing that fully matches the theme.

Design eye-catching invitation

Vink + Veenman has included playful elements in the design that match the theme; a walker parked in front of the door and a grandmother behind the geraniums. Nice elements that ensure that recipients immediately get an idea of the subject. Het Huisje is a new variant of the Out of the Box. Like all other variants, this striking invitation stands out from the envelope. It is possible to make the Cottage completely in your own style. The House is surrounded by a resealable envelope that can be printed in full color in the same style as the House. If you have a lot of information to provide, you can also choose to have the envelope printed on both sides or to include an insert card.

Interested in this striking invitation?

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