Case Direct Mailing BliQje Unidis

A canned invitation to the fifth edition of the Unidis golf event. A day that is specially organized for partners of offices and where inspiration, networking and relaxation are central. The BliQje as event invitation is striking and functional in this mailing. When the BliQje is opened, a slide-open variant has been chosen, a number of tees are also packed in the mailing in addition to the card with information about the day. The card inside the invitation also contains the URL where one should register for the golf event.

Case BliQje Unidis

Unique shipping packaging of an invitation

It Bliqje in this mailing is not just an eye-catching invitation. Optimal use is made of the unique shipping packaging. The BliQje is high enough to pack small items, such as tees, in addition to the card. Strengthen your mailing by adding a matching item to the mailing, just like Unidis. Keep in mind the weight of the invitation; this affects the postage costs. Of course, this does not apply to the pull-open version of the Bliqje. If you want to add something to this, it must fit through the slot. Otherwise the pull-open mechanism will be lost.

Are you looking for an event invitation and would you like to add a little something? Then please contact one of our employees. They are happy to be your sparring partner in such matters. Together, a successful mailing can then be created.

BliQje invitation golf event

Send invitation by mail

A special occasion requires an extra bit of attention. In this era in which we are inundated with digital mailings, a physical piece of mail ensures attention and 100 % attention value. Exactly what you need to get your message across and to close the mailing with a successful result. Our direct mail products with their striking features and effects ensure that the recipient is triggered to absorb the entire message. So do you want a high response rate to your invitation? Then go for one of LocoMail's striking invitations. Questions or need advice? Then please contact us.