Case Direct Mailing Fold Out Folder

The fold-out folder, also known as the x-fold card or Pocket folder, is a variant of the Pop Up Card. A card where the interior is automatically unfolded after opening the card. This gives a surprising effect when the recipient opens the card. The recipient will be intrigued to continue reading and the information from the fold-out folder will be remembered longer due to the surprise effect. The card is extremely suitable to use as direct mail promotional materials.

Unique direct mail

Because the inside of the card unfolds, this ensures that there is more surface to put your message on, perfect as a direct mail. The inside of this x-fold card is printed in full color, just like the cover. The size of the cover is 74mm x 200mm and the inside is 140mm x 205mm. It is also possible to make different formats of the fold-out folder. From the outside, the card looks like a normal A7 card, but when the card is unfolded, the inside folds open automatically. Because the two ridges that support the technique are placed in an x, the fold-out folder is also referred to as an x-fold card. The interior is automatically closed when the card is folded.


X-fold card deployed by Steltix

Steltix has used this unique x-fold card as direct mail to promote their latest technology, the JD Edwards Elite. Steltix provides industry-specific solutions, implementation services and support based on advanced Oracle applications and technology. The fold-out folder was created by this unique request from Steltix, the product was not previously in our range. If you also have a unique request for a product that is not yet in our range and you have a clear idea of how you want us to use direct mail? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Do you also want to use this unique fold-out folder as direct mail? Request a free sample and/or quote for this eye-catching direct mail. The fold-out folder is standard A7 finished. If you want a larger size, that is of course also possible. Please contact one of our employees for the possibilities in this area.