Case Direct Mailing BliQje

With this distinctive direct mail, Dümmen Orange invites relations to the Kalanchoe challenge. To immediately attract the attention of the recipient, Dümmen Orange has opted for a striking shipping packaging. The sticker on the BliQje is colorfully laid out and the text immediately makes it clear what it is all about. The combination of a strong design and a distinctive mailing product makes this a successful mailing.

BliQje as distinctive direct mail

The BliQje is already distinctive in itself. Because it does not have to be packed in an envelope, the mailing immediately stands out among the other mail items. There are two different types of BliQjes: the pull and slide open. The pull-open BliQje looks like a sardine can. By pulling the tab, the BliQje opens and the message becomes clear. A fun and distinctive mailing product. The advantage of the other variant, the slide-open BliQje, is that it can be stored. The effect can be experienced several times and the BliQje can also be used to store and store things. Dümmen Orange already opted for the latter variant for this reason event invitation.

distinctive direct mail invitation

The sticker on the front of the BliQje can be designed entirely in your own house style. Dümmen Orange has chosen to display the message of the mailing directly on this sticker. But of course you can also choose to keep the outside of the mailing mysterious, making the recipient extra curious about the content.

Also regarding the content of this direct mail there are many possibilities. Depending on the BliQje you have chosen, you can opt for different types of insert cards. For example, the pull-open BliQje cannot accommodate an insert card with a single crease, as this will not fit through the slot in the side of the mailing. This is not a problem for the slide-open BliQje. Because the BliQje can be opened completely, large format cards or small gadgets can also be added to the mailing. The insert card with two grooves, which Dümmen Orange has chosen, among others, can be used in both the pull- and slide-open BliQje. Format it in the same style as the sticker on the outside to create a cohesive mailing.


Send a distinctive mailing?

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