Case Direct Mailing BliQje Rabobank

Rabobank Vallei en Rijn and Het old Police Station also have a Herring party organized. Under the motto “There are those outings… that you should not miss” they have sent out an exclusive invitation. A perfect direct mail example. Guests were surprised with a fun direct mail: the BliQje. The BliQje produced for Rabobank Vallei and Het old Police Station is printed with its own design. The invitation can also be found inside the BliQje, which is also printed with your own design. Catching up in an attractive ambiance; the Edese Haringparty is an outing that no one wants to miss!

The BliQje as a direct mail example

It BliQje pull open is a unique way to reach your target group in an original way. Because you say yourself: wouldn't you love to receive a BliQje on your doormat? The BliQje is provided with a full color printed label, completely designed according to your wishes. Your communication message will appear in the BliQje, expressed on an insert card with a plano format of 44×9 cm and a folded format of 12×9 cm. The message only appears when the tab is pulled and the BliQje is opened. In addition to the Pull open system, you can also opt for a Slide open; in this way the BliQje can be opened several times. No standard shipping packaging but just a message in a tin! An original direct mail example.Herring party-Rabobank

Free sample pack of your direct mail sample

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