Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card

Fancom is the market leader in the development of automation systems for livestock farming. In collaboration with other market leaders in the livestock sector, they have designed an original direct mail, which describes the services (devising innovative solutions) of PigTek. We opted for a self-made die cut; namely the side view of a pig. A unique form that fully matches the purpose of the message and the direct mail.

The Pop-up card is unique because of the unfolding of a special shape. LocoMail has a standard shape in its range, but it is also possible to opt for a different shape. You pay a surcharge for a different shape, but in many cases a custom shape provides the finishing touch. You can have it perfectly match your organization or the message of your eye-catching direct mail.

Curious about the possibilities?

On the product page of the Pop up card you can read all about this unique map at your leisure. It is possible to request a free sample and/or non-binding offer by clicking on one of the buttons.Go to the direct mail Pop-up Card page