Case Direct Mailing Book Voucher Plusworks

This Custom made Spring Cube Book Voucher for Plusworks is a Pop-up Cube that has been used in a special way. The Boekenbon consists of a Pop-up Cube small which appears when the Book Voucher is opened. The cube emerges by means of a sliding system. The Boekenbon cube for Plusworks is custom made. On request, a special folder has been made in which the Book Voucher announcement has been placed. So one of our cards has been used in a different way than the standard Direct Mail variant.

Book voucher Plusworks

Unique pun custom made book voucher

This direct mailing was made for Plusworks to announce the new book vouchers that they are going to bring to the market. The direct mailing consists of a folder containing a pop-up cube as a surprise. There is a tab on the side of this Boekenvoucher announcement. As soon as you pull this tab, a new card will appear with the text: "Let the adventure begin." When you slide this card all the way out, the cube pops out. The cube has a cheerful print with different striking colors and has the text 'Boekenbon' on all sides. In addition, the Wallet consists of a bright pink color with glitter, which is also reflected in the inside of the Wallet.

On the inside of the card containing the cube is the word Boekenbon in many different colors. This product uses puns in a unique way. The word 'book voucher' is not connected anywhere, but starts with the word 'book' and below that comes the word 'bon'. As a result, the word can also be read as 'Boek En Bon'. The colors pink, blue, yellow and green are the colors used on the custom made book voucher.

This custom made Book Voucher is specially adapted on request. If you have an idea for a special card, this can of course be fully adapted. We are happy to think along with you for a concept that nobody has yet.

A striking and luxurious cube with folder is the result. The glitter makes the custom made Book Voucher stand out even more. The size of the cube and the folder can be adjusted as desired. Are you convinced of the usefulness of this original direct mailing? Then request one for free demo pack or quotation On. Are you unsure whether this direct mailing is suitable for your message? Then take a look at our other mailing products.