Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Cube

Amacore is one of the largest suppliers of frozen fish for the processing industry. ”We are an importer, distributor, food processor and exporter for food wholesalers, distributors, the food processing industry, hospitality and retail customers throughout Europe.” They have our unique Out of the Box used as New Year's mailing. They have used the Pop up cube cleverly by giving it a fun twist by using the shape as a pallet with stacks of boxes. This striking mailing was sent to their international relations.

Our orderer, the Out of the Box/Pop up Cube

The Out of the Box, bestseller, creative, is a product with endless possibilities. The cube offers you the opportunity to surprise your target group with your communication message in a fun way. When the envelope is opened, the Pop up Cube pops out. This is completely designed according to your wishes and message on six surfaces of 8 × 11 cm. The recipient is shocked, so the message will not be easily forgotten. LocoMail also has other variants of the Out of the Box: 90×90 cm, Hexagon and a House. Many options for your message. To make it one whole, it is also possible to have the envelope printed in full colour.

Curious about our unique direct mail?

Are you planning an important event soon and would you like to spread this information in an original way? Then the Pop up Cube might be something for you. Have you become curious about the possibilities of this direct mail and what LocoMail can do for you? Then visit the site or contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to set up a successful mailing.

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