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Send calendar to employees, relations and customers

The end of the year is in sight. This means that you can get back to work creating a striking end-of-year or New Year's mailing. As you can read in the news blog about the latest trends in the field of end-of-year mailings, many companies choose to send a calendar this year. Sendable calendars are extremely popular during this time of the year, but this is not feasible for every company in terms of budget. LocoMail makes it possible to send a personalized calendar from 20 pieces. Curious how we can make this possible for you? Then read on quickly.

Send Out of the Box New Year mailing with calendar

Process annual calendar on direct mail

If you want to send a calendar to employees, relations or customers, you can of course choose to have a monthly or annual calendar printed. If you then want to send it, special calendar envelopes are required. This, in combination with the weight of an average annual calendar, often makes sending calendars an expensive mailing. It is more efficient and cost-effective when you choose to process a compact calendar on your end of year or new year mailing. By combining sending a mailing and a calendar, you not only save on shipping costs. It also ensures that a mailing that might normally disappear in the trash, now remains visible all year round! Make good use of this fact and, in addition to the compact calendar, also include a clear message, your USPs or contact details on the mailing. And make optimal use of the fact that your mailing and therefore your company will be visible for a long time.

Send end-of-year mailing with calendar and pencil case

Possibilities direct mail products

Now you may be wondering which of our direct mail products are best suited for integrating a calendar. Because the design of all products can be arranged according to your own wishes and insight, a calendar can be processed on almost all products. It is really not the case that it will have the desired effect on all products. The calendar comes into its own on the Pop-up Cube variants of 90mm x 90mm and 100mm x 100mm, for example, and a compact annual calendar can also be processed on the Pyramid and Hexagon variant. For example, combine these products with the pin holes option, and the mailing becomes multifunctional. The Hexagon Pen Tray is also perfect for printing and sending a calendar.

Send calendar on end-of-year mailing

Other direct mail products are also suitable for an end-of-year or New Year's mailing. However, processing a calendar is not the most suitable functionality to include in the design. Because of course the 150mm x 150mm also offers enough space for a calendar, but due to its size it will not end up on the recipient's desk so quickly. Each original direct mail product offers numerous possibilities for creative design. Would you like advice on which product best suits your message and layout? Then please contact our employees. Together with you, we look for the product that fits seamlessly with your message, company and vision. To produce a successful mailing.