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The trees are starting to bare, the first car windows have been scratched and the shops are once again full of Christmas celebrations: the end of the year is approaching! And with 2017 in sight, now is the time to work out the concept for your end-of-year mailing or New Year's mailing. When developing the mailing, be sure to include the points from this blog in order to be able to send a striking direct mail that fully meets the latest end-of-year and New Year's mailing trends!

Functional & Durable

The most important trends we want to give you is to opt for a sustainable, functional mailing. Sending a functional mailing has several advantages. That's not how you invest in one year-end mailing which after opening by the recipient quickly disappears in the paper bin, but in a mailing product that may remain visible on the desk for a whole year.

New Year mailing trends functional and sustainable

There are different types of functional mailings, but to attract the attention of the recipient, it is of course best to choose a striking and unusual mailing product. The best example of a striking product is and remains the Out of the Box Card. A product that literally jumps out of the envelope when it is opened by the recipient. There are now many variations of the Pop-up products, such as a pyramid, a house or a hexagon shape.

The product itself attracts attention, but the functionality can be in two aspects. The Pop-up products can be printed with an annual calendar or can be supplied with pen holes. In both cases it is a useful product that, by giving it a prominent place on the desk, continues to attract attention. Even weeks after receiving the mailing.

Link to online

Another important trend is a link between an offline mailing and an online campaign. There are also many possibilities here. But you can, for example, think of placing a discount code on the mailing product where you refer to a special online promotion page where the discount code can be redeemed. A nice way to boost your sales before the end of the year or to start the year off right.

It is also possible to place a QR code on a mailing product. With such a code, you can forward the recipients via their telephone to, for example, an exclusive New Year's wish or give your relations an idea of the plans for 2017.


New year mailing trends combination online offline


An end-of-year mailing is the perfect way to wish customers, relations or employees a happy holiday season and to thank them for the great cooperation over the past year. But at the same time, the mailing is a good time to get relations back on track for the new year. Therefore, make sure that your mailing is personalized! Have the name of the recipient not only appear on the envelope, but also on the mailing product or insert card. This way the recipient knows that he is not just another person in the customer base, but that the mailing has been developed with care and attention.

Your own mailing

At LocoMail you can go for a striking end-of-year mailing with an edition of 20 or more. This makes it possible for every company to have a unique mailing produced. We are happy to think along about the concept and the application of one of the above year-end mailing trends. Thanks to a striking and personal mailing in combination with the functional product you are assured of success!

Time flies and the new year is approaching faster than we want to believe. So get started right away! Choose a direct mail product and turn it into a successful year-end mailing. This way you can be sure that the end-of-year mailing can be sent before the holidays!