Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Stater

Stater's cottage is a nice business invitation example. Not only is the Pop-up House completely furnished as a business invitation, but an extra feature has been added. Stater approached us for an original invitation for the 20th anniversary. In addition to an original invitation, they wanted to add a separate ticket for the event. To ensure that the access card is really part of the event invitation, an extra handling has been added to the production of the House. After the Pop-up House has been glued together, an extra card is attached to one side of the roof with a glue dot. In this way, the entrance ticket can be collected from the House without too much effort. And that's great, because in addition to the invitees having to register for the event, they also have to take this part of the business invitation template to the event as an admission ticket.

House as a business invitation example

Adding a detachable entrance ticket to the roof of the Pop-up House makes this mailing a unique example of a business invitation. But the Pop-up House itself is also often used as a business invitation. For example, it is often used for home-related communication messages, such as announcing a move or a housewarming. But also companies that work in the construction or brokerage industry often use this typical form of the Pop-up mailing as the basis for their business invitation.

Stater business invitation example

The Pop-up House is available in two sizes. Stater has opted for the small variant for their event invitation. But there are also plenty of business invitation examples where the large variant of the Pop-up House is used. The houses are basically the same; both have a unique pop-up effect, can be styled as desired and are shaped like a house. The large variant of the house has the additional option of including a skylight in the house. This can be used, for example, as a pen holder. Your business invitation would then not only be an informative mailing, but also contain a striking functionality. Whether you go for the large or small house can depend on various factors, but both are extremely suitable as a business invitation example.

Business invitation examples

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