Case Direct Mailing Pop Up Card Woonfonds

The Housing Fund has chosen to have us make a Pop-up Card about the renovation bucket. This is an informative direct mailing aimed at business customers. On the front is a large image with a header, and at first glance it looks like a normal double card. But as soon as the direct mailing is opened, a bucket rises in the middle. The bucket is completely custom made, because we do not have this as a standard design and is therefore a different Pop-up. This is definitely the eye-catcher of the direct mailing and this element therefore provides the surprise effect when opening the mailing. A tailor-made Pop-up, in this case the Bucket, ensures that the message comes across clearly. In this case, a bucket is appropriate because the mailing is about the renovation bucket. The card next to the bucket contains additional text to explain more about the renovation bucket and how the Housing Fund deals with it. The map also contains extra information about what else the Housing Fund offers for 'extra living enjoyment'.

Possibilities of the Pop-up Card

For the Pop-up Card is a standard form available as a Pop-up in the map, but the Woonfonds has given it its own twist. This makes it a truly unique direct mailing and you can completely customize it to your own wishes. Please contact one of our employees to discuss the possibilities for a tailor-made Pop-up. In addition to the Pop-up in the card, the size of the Pop-up Card can also differ. The normal Pop-up Card is 20×20 cm, plano 20×40 cm, but it is also possible to order a smaller size of the Pop-up Card. This is 15×15 cm, plano 15×30 cm. Consider how much space you need for your direct mailing and which format is most suitable for this. A tailor-made Pop-up adds value to your direct mailing; for both the large and the small version.

The Pop-up Card your business direct mailing?

Is the Pop-up Card the business direct mailing you want to send to business partners or customers? Then request a quote. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our employees. They are happy to help you with all your questions and can put together a suitable business direct mail together with you. For other Pop-up mailings, also look at our Pop-up Cube if you are unsure about the Pop-up Card. Read in the overview of all cases about other companies that use our business direct mailings have deployed.