Message in a Bottle is the hip mailing of 2013. The message in a bottle is sent by regular mail and has a modern twist.

Previous customers used the message in a bottle as an original invitation for your company outing, company event, company party or anniversary. Bottle mail is also used as a unique mailing, product introduction or as a moving message.

Send bottle mail

The message is sent rolled up in the bottle. This letter is the size of an A5 card and can be printed on both sides. As a result, there is extra space for address details, photos and space for a QR code, for example. The back can also be printed as a real treasure map, with the message printed on the inside.

Original mailing

The plastic bottle is 20 cm long, but only 2.5 cm wide. So it just fits through the letterbox. The address is printed on the label, so the bottle does not have to be in an envelope, but is clearly visible on the mat. You can also design the message in the bottle yourself.

Delivered quickly

Because this product, like our other direct mailings, is produced entirely in-house, we can use a delivery time of 5 to 10 working days after delivery/approval of the files and possibly a real proof. It is also possible to place an urgent order for the direct mailing.