Case Direct Mailing Bottle Mail Nova Nature


Nova Nature imports and exports high quality silk flowers, plants, trees and seasonal items. To draw attention to the new spring and summer collection, Nova Nature has used the Bottle Mail as informative direct mail. With a catchy text “This bottle traveled the seven seas to guide you to Nova natures'greatest treasures…” the recipient's attention is grabbed. Inside the bottle you can find more information about the new collection and the jewel: 'The Sally Tulip'. The recipients of the message in a bottle are also informed of the possibilities to come and view the new collection.


Bottle mail used as informative direct mail

The Bottle Mail is not only fun as a business invitation, but can also be used as a direct mailing with an informative character. Several sheets of parchment paper can be added to the bottle. The parchment papers can also be printed on both sides. This way there is always enough space for any informative direct mail. Information about products, events, but also, for example, route descriptions and contact details can be printed on the parchment paper.

On the front of the Message in a Bottle you can place your own designed image. This can be a nice atmospheric image, or a catchy text, just like with Nova Nature's Bottle Mail. The entire surface can be divided according to your message and wishes. There is an address sticker on the back of the bottle. This makes it possible to send the Bottle Mail as a self-mailer. This means that this original direct mail does not have to be sent in an envelope. The bottle can be put in the letterbox and is therefore guaranteed to stand out among the rest of the mail items. Ideal as informative direct mail; your message is sure to stand out and stick.

Do you also want to send an informative direct mail?

Are you looking for a direct mail product to share information with your target group, but you don't want to send a standard brochure? Then you have come to the right place. Our direct mail can also be used for informational purposes. For example, insert cards can be printed on both sides and the envelopes can also be printed in full colour. This way you always have enough space to tell your story. Curious about which product best suits your message, or do you have other questions? Then you can contact one of our employees by telephone. They are happy to answer your questions and think along with you to achieve a successful informative mailing.