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The best invitation for your team outing

Team building is quite underrated. Why? You spend most of the week together with your colleagues on the work floor. You have a lot in common. Then it's nice that you know each other and know where everyone's interests lie. The build-up to the planned team outing is at least as important as the team outing itself, because it is often discussed weeks in advance. How do you ensure that you realize the best invitation for your team outing? We will tell you below:

Choose the shape

At Locomail you can choose from different forms of invitations, such as the pop-up cube, the music card or card with sound. And from that moment on, the team outing already starts. Choose an invitation format that suits your company or matches the theme of the outing. What message do you then put on it? Did you know that if you choose our Pop-up Cube that it can also be used as a pen holder on a desk. To realize the best invitation for your team outing, you must have a well-considered idea from this moment on.


In addition to the shape of the invitation, the content can also be fully personalized. You can adapt it to your company house style or to the theme of the team outing. This makes the run-up to the team outing itself even more exciting. Wondering if your ideas can become reality? Our specialists are happy to assist you, so that you can send the best invitation for your team outing.

Team outing, this is why?

We already indicated in the introduction that a team outing is reasonably underestimated. The mutual relationship between your colleagues is important. You don't want your colleagues to go to work with a bad feeling. When your colleagues walk around the workplace with a cheerful feeling, this will increase productivity considerably. So it is a win-win situation. Give your colleagues a chance to get to know each other outside of work. Your colleagues will feel more connected to the organization.

Did you know that…?

Did you know that team outings are often tax deductible. That makes team outings even more interesting. However, there are 2 conditions attached to it. For example, the team outing must be open to at least three-quarters of all employees of the company. In addition, the company outing must also have a collective character. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Creativity comes first

Creativity is paramount to realize the best invitation team outing. Nothing is too crazy. Many great companies preceded you and for inspiration you can look between our cases. Because planning a team outing is a task in itself. So make sure that your team outing is one that leaves memories behind, because memories are worth gold! Therefore, make sure that the team outing invitation is one that your colleagues want to keep, because it symbolizes a great team outing.


We can unburden you to realize the best invitation team outing. We have more than 8 standard options in our range, but we also think it's great if we can realize your idea. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our specialists so that we can realize your goal. Because positive reactions also make us go a step faster.

Finally, we would like to wish you and your colleagues a lot of fun on your team outing!