Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Huisje Alders Makelaar

Selling houses, that's what estate agents do. Giving away or sending houses, that's new. The Pop-up House was sent to the people involved in Alders Makelaars. In this marketing mailing example, Alders Makelaars used it as a promotional tool, because of the award as Best Real Estate Agent of the North. Their strength and sales success is due to strong online marketing use. A good example of this is also this one direct mailer. When handing in the Pop-up House, the recipient received a free social media package. The marketing mailing example of the Pop-up Huisje fits in well with the brokerage concept. This marketing mailing example has been used before, but it has now been given a different look.


Pop-up House as a marketing mailing

This form of marketing mailing as advertising is literally rock solid. Because of the six surfaces of the house, advertising can be made clearly on every surface. By advertising in a lucrative way of it Pop-up House to use as a marketing mailing, this can be applicable to any sector. In this marketing mailing example it is used for the real estate/brokerage sector. The Pop-up House can also be used as an invitation to an event. The Pop-up House is in a special envelope, as this envelope holds the Pop-up House together, then the Pop-up House pops out of the envelope.

Build a house, we do it for you!

You can now advertise by building a house to your liking. A house of 105 mm by 95 mm by 116 mm too small? We also have a larger house measuring 168mm wide and 100mm high. You don't have to worry about the move either, because we can do that for you. We can address and personalize it. There are more popup mailings can be found on the website. If you are more interested, look at the cases for the results.