popcorn box mailing Truckland

In recent years, many meetings could not take place, such as Truckland's annual New Year's reception. For this reason, they started looking at how they and their employees could still look back on the past year and look ahead to the new year. They have developed a popcorn mailing to allow their employees to participate in this New Year's reception. Read all about how they approached this in this case.

Truckland's popping invitation

Truckland has come up with a good alternative for the annual New Year's reception. They wanted to invite their employees to this (online) reception by means of a striking mailing. This reception includes This is ultimately the popcorn box mailing become.

The popcorn box contains a QR code that leads the recipient to an online company film. In this film, a summary of the past year is shown and attention is also paid to the renewed mission and vision of the company. Because a film is often accompanied by popcorn, we opted for this popcorn box mailing (including popcorn!). In addition, there was also a movie ticket, so that the recipient could also visit the cinema.

popcorn box mailing Truckland

Everything about the popcorn box mailing

The popcorn box is sent in a full color box, making it easy to fit through the letterbox. You can completely customize the outside of the tray to your own design with your own house style colors and logo. Of course there is also a bag with microwave popcorn, so that the recipient can actually fill the bowl.

popcorn box mailing Truckland

Want to use a popcorn mailing as an announcement or invitation? Then ask one quotation which we will send to you as soon as possible. It is also possible to get one for free sample box so that you can experience this mailing in real life. We are at your service if you have any questions or comments about this form of direct mailing contact@locomail.nl or 030 – 26 18 086.