Telecard Sliding Card BTicino

Introducing a new product requires the necessary promotion. How are you going to show customers or resellers that your product really has added value? This can be done by sending a special form of direct mailing, which immediately stimulates the curiosity of the recipient. In this blog we show how BTicino has approached the introduction of a new production.  

The product introduction of BTicino 

BTicino is a company that develops low-voltage installations and data networks for housing, utilities and industry. In this case they have developed a new videophone system. To introduce this new product is one Telecard developed. The company has chosen this form of direct mailing because it shows the evolution of technology in the field of videophone systems. For example, it is clear to see how people first used a key to open a door, with which they can now do it via their mobile.  

This Telecard was sent to addresses in Belgium and the Netherlands. For this reason, two different versions have been produced, namely a French and a Dutch version. It is therefore always possible to adapt your direct mailing to the different segments of your target group.  

Telecard Sliding Card BTicino

A versatile one Telecard 

The Telecard, also called sliding card, is an ideal mailing for a lot of information. The card consists of an envelope, from which 3 layers are slid. The further the ladder is pushed out of the envelope, the more new information the recipient will see. The envelope and the layers are all printed on both sides, so that a lot of text and images can be incorporated.  

Telecard Sliding Card BTicino

Would you also like to use a telecard to introduce a product? Contact us on 030 – 26 18 086 or to discuss all the possibilities. If you prefer to see a preview first, ask for one free sample box on. In addition, it is of course also possible to have a obligation free quote to request.