Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card Thinkers

Thinkers the name of the seminar for which this direct marketing is designed, but thinkers can be interpreted ambiguously in the case of this Breaking Card. People who often think things through and look beyond the end of their noses quickly realize that a Break Card has to be folded further. The Break Card has different names: break card, folding card, folding card and Turning Card. You will not find a more suitable direct mail for this event! The Break Card is sent as a trigger for people to sign up for the seminar. The Doordenkers seminar is held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, and the Breekkaart offers a substantial discount on the tickets. In the card there is space for the program in brief, a little information about the program, costs and contact details to order the tickets.

Different purposes for the Turning Card

The Break Card, too Turning Card, can be used for different purposes. For example, there is the business invitation (for example for an anniversary party, fair or Christmas party), the end-of-year mailing and as business direct mail. Because all 4 surfaces of the Turning Card can be printed, it is therefore possible to put a lot of text on it. Break cards are available in different sizes, from business card format to 20x20cm format. And you can design the mailing yourself in the house style of your company. This way you can create your own version of one of our products.

Your direct mail in the form of a Break Card?

Is this the card for your business direct mail? Request a quote by contacting our employees. They are available to answer all your questions without obligation and, after approval of the quotation, can send you a layout file of the TurningCard you want. Do you prefer another form of direct mail? On our website you can find all kinds of possible products for your direct mail. Read others direct mail cases of companies for inspiration.